Our Land, Our Future: World Environment Day Celebration

World Environment Day, celebrated on July 2, 2024, serves as a crucial reminder to encourage awareness and action for protecting our environment. Land degradation significantly impacts people’s lives and livelihoods, threatening water and food security and contributing to migration and displacement. To address the climate and environmental crisis effectively, we must take concrete action to achieve transformative change.

In Kadambur, the PARAN team marked this important day with a series of activities. The Ensuring Social Protection (ESP) staff organized the celebration, with participation from college students from Gandhinagar, Kilathur, Bogipalayam, and Kalkadambur. The PARAN team, in collaboration with the Kadambur Forest Office, conducted an awareness program. They collected plastic waste and bottles from the forest office and brought them to the government school campus to highlight the importance of environmental protection. The event featured an inspiring speech by Mr. Puviyarason, along with other forest officials, emphasizing the need for tree planting. The children and participants then planted around ten trees on the school campus, as guided by the forest officials.
The event concluded with taking Oath to protect the environment and plant as many trees as possible at Kadambur and its surrounding areas. The effort of the children, ESP staff, PARAN Staff to organize a meaningful event and most importantly the presence and expertise of the forest officials is highly appreciated.