Our Spirituality

Ignatius wrote to the Jesuits in Padua, “Our commitment to follow a poor Lord, quite naturally makes us friends of the poor.” These ‘poor’ are neither a sociological category nor a pious generalization, but the name for the real persons and groups among whom we live, whose conditions we study, with whom we work.

Our endeavor is to work with people for change, to bring the charity and the justice of the Gospel to society and culture. We have been given Good News and abundant reasons to hope that this is possible, and in this passionate enterprise which is religious, cultural, social, local and global, we want to share these hopes with others.

This website presents the mission and approach of the Society’s social justice and ecology commitment, the spirituality which inspires and motivates it, the issues which Jesuits and colleagues work on in different parts of the world, the networks and sources of information available.

Where we work?

By clicking on the following states of the South Asia map you will be able to see the contacts of the Coordinators of the Social Action
Province Andra Pradesh Cordinator Yesuratnam
Province Bombay Cordinator Wendell D'Cruz
Province Calcutta Cordinator John Kerketta
Province Chennai Cordinator Arockiasamy Antony S.
Province Darjeeling Cordinator Pascal Xalxo
Province Delhi Cordinator Viren Lawrence Minz
Province Dumka-Raigunj Cordinator John Felix
Province Goa Cordinator Nazareth Joseph
Province Gujarat Cordinator John Kennedy
Province Hazaribagh Cordinator Christopher Kujur
Province Jamshedpur Cordinator Ranjeet Kindo
Province Karnataka Cordinator Jerald D’Souza
Province Kerela Cordinator Immanuel Koyan
Province Kohima Cordinator Valerian Castelino
Province Madhya Pradesh Cordinator Binod Kr. Toppo
Province Madurai Cordinator Santhanam Arokiasamy
Province Nepal Cordinator Augustus Ekka
Province Patna Cordinator Anand Kerketta
Province Pune Cordinator Siju Varghese
Province Ranchi Cordinator Mahendra Peter Tigga
Province Sri Lanka Cordinator Benedict Savarimuthu

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