The meeting was held in Indian Social Institute, Delhi on 15th January 2021. As the borders of Delhi were buzzing with activity and bustling with so many farmers and their friends arriving in large numbers in the month of December and January cold. They are coming with tractors. Children and lot of women farmers and landless labourers are also arriving to support the farmers. This billed as “the biggest protest in history”. The Jesuit Farm Committee was constituted by President of South Asia (POSA) has so far visited all the three major border area – Shingu, Tikri and Ghazipur borders. Relief has been provided and Solidarity as well. The young and old farmers and the volunteer were invited to give the insight in and within the borders. They shared their personal experiences and their appeal to the government of India. This meeting gave the broader knowledge on what could be done and how do we support them in their endeavor.