Training on Climate Change in Dumka, Jharkhand

Climate Action can be defined as the preservation of the environment and potential solutions to climate change.
As climate change is an alarming issue right now, a three day training programe was organized from the 3rd-5th October 2023 at Johar HRD centre, Dumka.  All the ESP staff from 19 Organizations of Jharkhand came together for this residential training. The main objective of the training was to create awareness on climate change and capacity building for climate change actions. The Resource Person Mr. Proshin Ghosh explained and shared his expertise on the understanding of Environment, Atmosphere, Weather, Climate and Green House Effect, Carbon Footprints to get a clear understanding on the concept of Climate Change. The terminologies of Hazard Vulnerability and Capacity Assessment such as Disaster, Natural Hazard, Vulnerability, Risk, Capacity, Mitigation and Adaptation were introduced to the participants. In addition to this, seven tools for Hazard Vulnerability and Capacity Assessment were presented, which are as follows– a) Seasonal Calendar, b) Historical Analysis, c) Vulnerability Mapping, d) Capacity Matrix, e) Hazard Mapping, f) Institutional Analysis and g) Stakeholder Mapping.