New Members 

Eight new partners have joined the Lok Manch Network from January 2024, four organization from Pune
Province and four organizations from Goa Province. So, with the eight new partners joining the program,
the Lok Manch now has 100 partners. The eight organizations are: Kiran Niketan Social Centre, Good
Shepherd Convent, Congregation of Handmaids of Christ and Goa Jesuit Social Action (under Goa
Province) and SCOPE (Society for Community Organization and Progressive Organization), Wadimavil
Lok Vikas Manch, Sisters of the Cross and Ambedkat Centre for Action and Research (ACAR), under
Pune Province.

The SCOPE is one of the eight organizations and like other seven organizations has launched a
campaign for obtaining various cards/documents (Addhar Card, Caste Certificate, Income Certificate,
PDS Card, MGNREGA Job Card, Election ID, E-shram Card, etc.) which enable the marginalized groups
and citizens below poverty line to access various government and social security schemes. This is
obviously an effort to ensure income and social security to the deserving. The organization conducted a
baseline survey with the help of Community Leaders. The objective was to identify the gaps between the
existing government schemes and their implementation and facilitate the members of the village
community to access the schemes meant for them. The organization has selected 100 poor families to
help them address their livelihood and social security needs. In future, there is a plan to train the
community leaders to help them obtain the necessary cards related to government and social security
schemes and eventually to access their rights and entitlements.