Universal Apostolic Preferences

Journeying with Youth – Accompany youth people in the creation of a hope filled future.

Reality- How things stand?

 Youth is a time for fundamental decisions and the beginning of fulfilling our dreams. And yet, young people today face enormous challenges: the uncertainity of relationship in a digital era, diminishing opportunities for work, the growth of political violence, discrimination, degradation of the environment. All of this makes it difficult for them to find a road where they can build supportive personal and family relation based on solid spiritual and financial foundation.

Our Response

Young people have so many possibilities in this digital age which unites then as never before. We want to walk with them, discerning these possibilities and finding God in the depths of reality. Accompanying young people puts us on the path of conversion, it requires a new way of living in Jesuit community, a way that is more coherent, more personal, moreopen, more evangelical.

  • We want our apostolic works and houses to be spaces open to youthful creativity in which the encounter with the God of Life, revealed by Jesus and deepening of the Christian faith are fostered.
  • We commit to promoting a healthy and safe environment for children and youth people so that they can develop their full potential as human being.
  • We want to help youth people to know Jesus Christ and to feel themselves loved, saved and forgiven.
  • We ask our schools, our universities and those work in parishes to help in the faith development of youth people and creative adopt the Spiritual Exercises so that young people can personally know Jesus in ever deeper ways and follow them more closely.

 Arbind Beck (HAZ) 

Coordinator – Youth Apostolate 

Who is part of it?

Province Youth Coordinators 

1Bollineni Bala KumarAND
2N. ParthasarathiCEN
3Joyson / Joel Fernandes
4Xavier TharamelKER
5John Wilson JMDU
6I.A.D Thushara SampathSRI
7Ivan Joseph D’SouzaBOM
8Kustas LimaGOA
9Pratik ChristiGUJ
10Sunil GaikwadPUNE
11Roshan TirkeyCCU
12Bijoy KindoDAR
13Arulsamy AmalrajDEL
14Antony PrakashPAT
15Anand PereiraKOH
16Sanjay EkkaNEP
17Hillary D’SouzaDUM
18Nirmal Vincent KulluHAZ
19Niranjan MinzJAM
20Preetam PannaMAP
21Bipin TirkeyRAN